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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C01

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PART 0 (Preface / Past of the Missing Princess) – Chapter 01

The solemn voice of the priest echoes in the cathedral.
“Oscar De Arling . Do you swear that this woman, Ridelle La Silphilia , will be your wife and will help each other and love each other in both happy and difficult times?”
“I swear.”
A hard, low voice of a young man rises next to me.
“Ridelle La Silphilia. Do you swear that this man, Oscar de Arring, will be your husband and will help each other and love each other in both happy and difficult times?”
“… I swear.”
Shivering in tension, Ridelle replied in a soft voice.
“Our mother, Goddess Spius, has listened to your vows. Remember each other and support each other with love and respect until the day they are called to God’s permission.”
As the priest finishes speaking, the blessing bell rings.
That day Efirante Kingdoms 4th Princess Ridelle became the wife of Count Aschen, renowned as the Knight of the Ice.

Looking at the corridor through the gap in the door, Ridelle rushed into the corridor with the steadily approaching hard footsteps.
“Oh, my husband!”
The man who was about to get out of the front door slowly turned around to the call.
Jet-black hair and jet-black knight clothing. Even the sword on his waist was covered with a black scabbard, and his clear winter-colored eyes were even more striking.
Oscar de Arring, Count of Aschen. A man who just became Ridelle’s husband a month ago.
The moment her husband’s face recognizes Ridelle’s appearance, she felt a little frustrated.
“… What is it for?”
“Ah …. Ah, this, this …”
Asked in a bad mood, Ridelle offered a small basket she had in her hand, with a little hesitation.
Ridelle hurriedly explains to her husband, who just stares at the basket and refuses to receive it.
The hand holding the basket was naturally full of power.
“While my husband was away, I heard from the wives of other knights. The knight’s wife often makes lunchboxes for her husband. So … I … with the cooks- ― ”
“I don’t need it”
For a moment, She didn’t understand what was said in the overly concise, straightforward words that cut through the cloth. Her husband becomes more and more moody and tells Ridelle, who is stunned with her mouth open, in a firm voice:
“I said, I don’t need it. Did I ask you to do that?”
“No, no, but …”
With her shivering hands, Ridelle clasps the hem of the dress.
To be sure, my husband never asked Ridelle for anything.
He is in charge of all the territories, and there are many excellent subordinates and servants. I had enough hands.
That’s why it was the result of thinking for myself that there was something I could do in such a situation.

“You don’t have to. You don’t have to do anything extra and you’re quiet.”

Abandoning her, her husband went out of the door without looking back.
The remaining Ridelle desperately resists crying and drops her stiff arm with the basket still out.
Then she walked to the dining room and opened the lid of the basket on the table.

“Extra things …”

Boiled shrimp and egg salad.
Pickles, ham and tomatoes.
Bread sandwiched with nutritious ingredients is carefully packed.
A sandwich made with the help of the cooks. She had never cooked, so she practiced hard while cutting her fingers and getting burned.
She finally got to a level where She could give it to others, so she wanted Oscar to eat it … But it was just a nuisance to him. The inner corner of her eye gets hot again.

“Oh, Madam! What happened? That basket, the sandwich you told your husband to give?”
“It looks like it was a nuisance. He don’t need it.”

Ridelle responds with a faint smile to Mina, the maid who enters the dining room.
Mina opened her eyes wide to reveal her surprise, and soon after, she began to get angry.

„Madam worked hard to make it! He don’t really need it! Master haven’t taken care of Madam ever since they got married.”
“Don’t say that. It’s decided that the food that comes out of the Knights’ dining room is better than my poor sandwich. I was bad because I didn’t even notice that.”
“Madam …”

Mina looks painfully. She tried to cheer up the sky, but she wonder if she can tell that it is impossible.
It’s been a month since they got married.
Meanwhile, there is no sign that the distance between Oscar and Ridelle will shrink.
At first, she thought he was that kind of person. He is a magnificent warrior who even serves as a knight captain. She thought he is a serious person who is strict with himself and others.
But no matter how much Ridelle approached, Oscar didn’t smile.
On the contrary, he even seemed to avoid Ridelle.
He has never visited Ridelle’s room and vice versa. In other words, they haven’t even finished the first night.

Mina gently encourages the depressed Ridelle.
Master is just shy in front of his beautiful wife.
But Ridelle knows she’s not beautiful.
She’s sober, gloomy, and she makes him feel down when she‘s with him. She never heard of such a secret in her 16-year life.

That’s why Ridelle was very excited at first.
She hoped that she would be able to get along with her husband, who was approached by her father, who is the king, and who took care of me without refusing.
I vowed to live with him as my husband, doing my best from now on.

However, Ridelle’s determination was quickly defeated.
Her husband spent the first night drinking with his friends until morning.
Ridelle, who had been waiting for her husband’s visit forever, was informed the next morning that he had left for a month-long territorial tour, lacking sleep.
There was no message or letter from her husband, so it was the maid who told Ridelle who didn’t know anything about it.

As a lord and knight captain, she sees him having a very busy day. However, she wondered if it will end without being able to talk to him for the rest of her life.
If there is something wrong with her, she’ll fix it. Could he at least give her a little more time to spend with her?
Only one month after they were married, Ridelle continued to pray every day that she would be able to get along with her husband. 

“Do you eat this? It may look a little distorted, but the taste is guaranteed by the chef.”
“But …”
“Don’t look like that”

Ridelle smiles to reassure Mina, who is worried.

“It’s okay, my husband is just busy. I’m sure he’ll spend a little more time with me when his work is settled down.”

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