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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C02

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The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART 0 – Chapter 02

Ridelle was the youngest princess born in the royal family of the great power Efirante.
Her parents are a couple who got married after a big romance, which is rare for a royal family, and they are very close to each other even after more than 20 years of marriage.
There are two older brothers and three older sisters on Ridelle, both of whom are beautiful men and women with a clear mind. They are cheerful and kind, and are loved by the people as “the pride of our country.”

On the other hand, Ridelle was sick from an early age, and often broke her body and fell asleep.
Thanks to that, she has never participated in any official event, and even the lady-in-waiting who works at the castle says that she does not know Ridelle’s face.

Her parents were very worried about the sickly Ridelle.
For rest, the king built a small palace dedicated to Ridelle in the quietest part of the palace grounds.
There, Ridelle lived with several female guards who took care of her surroundings.
All the female guards were kind and their families visited us to visit them, but such a closed life made Ridelle an extreme shyness.

Of course, Ridelle’s disappearance in public isn’t just because of shyness.
Was that around the age of ten? She learned that a small tea party will be held on her sister’s birthday and said she wanted to attend.
At that time, Ridelle had a gentle personality, but she wasn’t as scared of socializing as she is now.
It was a time when she was in good physical condition, and she decided to wear a special dress to give a bouquet that she had carefully raised in the backyard to celebrate her sister.
Her sister, who was kind and thoughtful of her sister, was willing to accept Ridelle’s participation after discussing with the doctor.

But looking forward to the tea party, Ridelle didn’t sleep much the night before.
Even though she was aware that she was somehow hot, she was hoping that it wouldn’t be a big deal. Speaking of the female guards, there was also the fear that they would not be able to participate in the tea party.
As a result of silently participating in this physical condition, Ridelle collapsed on the way. She had a headache and nausea due to the odor of perfume, and vomited many times.
At that time, the invited woman said clearly, hiding her mouth with a fan.

――No, it’s dirty.

The women wasn’t the only one who frowned at Ridelle.
Everyone didn’t shout out to my sister, but she could hear her quietly complaining.

――The tea party is ruined.
–Shame on your sister. If I’m weak, I should have retracted into the room.

The angry voice of my sister who was rubbing her back and the footsteps of the maids rushing in a hurry.
After losing consciousness and waking up again … Ridelle noticed that, with the exception of some very close humans, she was no longer able to speak properly with others.

To Ridelle, who apologized for ruining the tea party, her sister kindly told her that she didn’t have to worry about that.

-I was happy that you came. No one is entitled to complain. Instead, I should have noticed earlier. I’m sorry I didn’t notice that you was sick.

On the contrary, her sister apologized to Ridelle.
After that, she learned from rumors that her sister had cut off with some of her friends who had come to the tea party.
Ridelle deeply regretted when she learned that she had caused trouble for her beloved sister.

Since then, Ridelle’s shyness has become more and more spurred.
It would have been an interpersonal phobia.
If you are in front of someone other than your close friends, your limbs will get cold and your voice will get stuck in your throat.
She couldn’t even nod when asked, and the impatience that the other party might be frustrated accelerated her heartbeat.
At that time, the eyes of the people of that day were almost always revived in her mind. The eyes of contempt, as if looking at dirty things, were directed at Ridelle, who was suffering and crouching.
She was scared that she might make others uncomfortable.

Since then, Ridelle has been careful not to appear in public as much as possible.
By the time she reached her thirteenth birthday, her illness had improved a lot, but she refused the annual National Foundation Day, the goddess’s prayer ceremony, and the royal ball that came.
When she still had to show up-for example, at her sister’s wedding, she tried to hide behind her maid and pray that this time would end sooner.
When she had to say hello, she tried not to make eye contact with her eyes down.

Then, people will eventually call Ridelle, who is always sloppy and unconfident.

Efirante royal luggage.
It’s gloomy and sober.
Failure princess.

That was Ridelle’s reputation in the streets.

So when her father told her that Oscar was willing to accept the marriage, Ridelle was delighted from the bottom of her heart.
Because Oscar has always been a longing for Ridelle.
The first time they met was at her eldest sister’s wedding. It was he who approached Ridelle, who became sick due to drunkenness, in a dashing manner, breaking the gap between people staring at her instead of calling out.
Black uniform and silver aiguillette. At a glance, she knew that he was a true knight, and he picked up Ridelle, who had a complexion that could be vomited, without hesitation and sent her to the palace.
She thought it was very unsightly for her to have a pale face that was soaked with cold sweat. But when she told him that, he glanced at her for a moment and then said in an angry tone.

――I don’t care if it doesn’t go down.

It was a blunt word, but it sounded very gentle to Ridelle’s ears.
Later, Ridelle learned who he was by the female guards.
Sir Oscar of the Arring family, the son of Count Aschen. A noble ice knight with winter-colored eyes. With his noble status, neat appearance, and illustrious career of receiving the award earlier than anyone else in the same period, he was a young man who was admired by women all over the country.
Ridelle is no exception.
She listens enthusiastically when she hears rumors about Oscar, and forcibly visits every time a match is held.
How many times has she been fascinated by his dignified appearance of holding a spear on a horse, which boasts a record of winning?
She gave a beautiful cufflink with a letter to „thank you for your help“. Later, she received a reply letter with a beautifully bound book. It was a plain and casual letter, but she was still happy and read it back every day.

The father who was by her side cannot be unaware of the appearance of such a daughter.
Seeing his youngest daughter, who was enthusiastic about a knight, he must have thought:
Let’s at least let her favorite partner take care of his daughter, who has been sick since she was a child and has endured various things.

Ridelle worked hard to reward her father’s intimacy and the generous heart of her husband who accepted him.
She actively practiced embroidery and dance, which she was not good at, and worked hard to acquire the necessary knowledge as a lord’s wife. She wanted to be a woman suitable for Oscar. She wanted her to be recognized as a wife.

Congratulations Ridelle didn’t know.
Oscar didn’t want her to be his wife.
At the order of her father, he had no choice but to accept the marriage.
Actually, there was another important woman.
She knew nothing, was innocent and dreamed of happiness that had passed.

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