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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C03

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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART 0 – Chapter 03

The story came to Ridelle’s ears about two months after she married Oscar.

“Hey, does Madam know about …?”1

Ridelle talked to the younger sister of a man who works as the deputy director of Oscar.
She wasn’t good with her 3 year (?) old friend who wraps her plump body in a luxurious dress and always looks down on her.
The bright red lips spun out the name of a young girl who lives in a small village.
It seems that her husband often visits this house between work and spends a long time together.
A low-ranked but very well-mannered daughter, Oscar, who pitied her humble life, invited her to come to the castle many times.

“I’ve seen her once and it was a beautiful woman. She was as bright and gorgeous as the sun … It looks like he’s going to have a lot of fun when he is with her.”

She even felt like she heard a voice saying that wasn’t the case when he was with his wife.
An outright reliance on Ridelle, who is treated like air without being married as usual. She hasn’t always tried to hide her explicit favor for Oscar.
The woman continues to the silent Ridelle.

“That’s what the people downstairs telling. Maybe your husband really wanted to have her as a wife – Oh no, I’d do something extra.”

Just as she said that her mouth slipped, she put her hand on her mouth as if she was in a hurry.
To the heartfelt apology, “I’m sorry…”, Ridelle replied plainly, without changing her expression.

“Please don’t worry, the rumors are just rumors.”

She finally endured her voice trembling.
She was sure it’s her misunderstanding. Her husband is loved by many people, and it is an important job for the lord to break his heart for the people. Nothing is special about the girl.
She told herself many times in her heart.

“Well, I’m a poor girl with no relatives, so no matter how much I love you, it may be difficult to be a wife. No one can be a former princess by status.”

It was almost as if you were told that you had nothing to do other than your status.

“A woman who is divisible like me can’t make a mistress a woman who she really cares about.”

It wasn’t long before she learned that a triumphantly smiling woman was present as her husband’s partner at every evening party.
Ridelle didn’t even know that her husband was invited to a dinner or tea party. He didn’t say a word about that. 
Usually, when a married man participates in a social gathering, he is usually accompanied by his wife.
She do not say that he may be accompanied by a mistress. But Ridelle and Oscar were still newlyweds. It’s too early to let others know that the relationship between the two of them is cold.
But instead of socializing, Oscar makes an overtly unpleasant look just by Ridelle’s appearance at the training ground.

When Oscar goes out, Ridelle doesn’t know who he is with, where he is going, and what he is doing.
She don’t even know when he’ll be back. When he came back, he only gave a clerical greeting and didn’t even give Ridelle a souvenir.

She -the deputy director’s beautiful sister- did dance with Oscar at the evening party?
He took her hand, laughed, and was touted as a beautiful man and a beautiful woman who looked good-and did she stay in the same room?
It was easy to imagine the affair between a woman and her husband, who sprinkled a scent of scent, and for the first time in her life, Ridelle felt crazy jealousy.

It was a month later that she happened to hear her husband talking to his friends. 
As a nobleman and knight, he has many friends he made during his social circles and knight apprenticeship. Some of them visited the castle to celebrate Oscar’s birthday.

“Oh, if possible, say hello …”

As a wife, it is a natural job to entertain guests. But Oscar would probably tell Ridelle not to do anything, so at least she wanted to say hello.
However, even the small offer was bluntly refused by her husband.

“You don’t have to show up. You’re still in the room.”

It had already been four months since she got married, and by this time he was aware of the dull Ridelle.
Oscar was willing to accept this marriage because her father was lying to please his daughter, and he was forced to obey it because it was actually a king’s order.
It must have been a shame for his friends to see his sober wife, as he is so beautiful that everyone dyes his cheeks and praises him.

Ridelle obediently obeyed her husband’s words.
She ate in the room and didn’t go out of the room so as not to disturb him spending time with his friends.
Originally, he is not a behavioral person. With a book, spending the day in the room wasn’t too much of a pain for Ridelle.

But Ridelle had a reason to visit Oscar on the day of his birthday.
It’s a gift I’ve been preparing for this day – a handmade swordbeld.

The intricate embroidery on a black background with silver thread is a special pattern that has been handed down from ancient times in this region, which was her taught by the maid chief. It represents the protection of God and is said to have the effect of protecting the lives of its owners and avoiding danger.
Ridelle carefully sewed the pattern with the thought of each stitch.
She hoped her husband will continue to live in good health.

It won’t be bad the next day, but she’d like him to receive it on the same day. If it’s late, it’s probably time for his friends to return to the guest room.
With that in mind, Ridelle put the sword belt in a small box with a letter, put on a beautiful ribbon and waited for the night.
Eventually, the sky became completely dark, and when the outside calmed down, she took the box and gently escaped from the room.
And when she got to the front of Oscar’s room … she heard it.
A conversation between him and his friends.

“By the way, why do you always bring your mistress to the evening party?”

Ridelle, who was about to hit the door, heard the sound of one of his friends screaming in her chest.
If you make a fist and hold your arms up, you’ll hear other friends sympathize with you.

“It’s been four months since you got married. But you’ve never had your wife in a social gathering. I think it’s unpleasant to have a royal wife as a wife.”

Don’t ask any more. You shouldn’t do what you don’t want to eavesdrop on.
However, the legs get stuck as if they were sewn on the spot.
When she get pounded, her heartbeat echoes in her ears.
After a brief silence, she heard Oscar’s voice.

“I have no intention of putting her out in public.”
“Why? Because, as rumored, she has a face that can’t be seen by others?”
“… She don’t want to put it out. she don’t want to see you guys either.”

That one word told everything.
The sign that his friends are laughing bitterly is transmitted through the door.

“But why did you nod to the princess? You should have refused. Oh, did you really like the princess? Did you like a sober woman?”
“I wonder if you couldn’t refuse because it was your Majesty’s command. Such a gloomy princess wouldn’t have had any other choice, and your Majesty would have been desperate.”

Hmm …
Oscar’s sigh-like laughter echoed strangely vividly.

“What do you think the benefits of marrying a princess are? Huge wealth and fame, your Majesty’s trust… I just weighed it with a little patience.”

His friends laugh all at once, saying he’s a terrible guy. He wished it had been a beautiful and cheerful third princess if he could marry an unmarried princess anyway.
Her husband must have a smirk.
He didn’t even notice what she was listening to right next to him, and mocked an ignorant princess who didn’t know anything.

With awkward movements like rusty gears, Ridelle stripped her feet off the floor.
One step, two steps. She slowly retreated so as not to make footsteps, and when she couldn’t hear the laughter, she turned her heels back and started running.
Fast, fast, fast. She wanted to return to her room as soon as possible. In her own space with nobody.
Then, as soon as she reached her room and closed the door, Ridelle sank into the place.

“Uh …”

Wiping the dripping tears with the sleeves oft he dress many times.
What are you crying?
――You shouldn’t be used to that degree of slander.
A sober, gloomy, unrequited nuisance. An unsuccessful daughter born to a beautiful royal family for some reason.
Why did she have such a stupid dream of being the desired bride? Oscar didn’t even see Ridelle from the beginning.
She was aware of it, but pretended not to notice. She was eager to prepare a gift, clinging to an unexpected hope. What a pitiful woman!

After crying for a while, Ridelle first thought about what to do with the sword belt.
She can’t give this as long as Oscar’s feelings are clear. Far from not like it, it’s just annoying to receive a gift from someone who is reluctant.
But if she throws it away, Mina, who would it found when cleaning, will be worried, and even if you throw it into the fire, the kitchen is always on the lookout.
The best way to dispose of it so that no one can find it is to wait for the winter and throw it into the fireplace in your room.
It’s a pity that she made it but burned it, but above all, Ridelle herself doesn’t want to see that sword belt again. Every time she sees a useless gift, she‘s faced with the reality that she‘s an unwanted wife.
Ridelle then pushed the box deep into the closet so that no one could see it.

Feyna’s Notes:
1 This was the only way it made sense to me. If someone has an idea …?

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