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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C04

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The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART 0 – Chapter 04

Ridelle often received letters from her family. Are you living happily? Are you cherished by your husband? Are you loved?
Her father, mother, brother, and sister were really worried about the youngest daughter.
To all of them tenderly caring, Ridelle always returned a letter describing her daily life with her unlikely husband.

“Oscar takes good care of me and makes me laugh with fun stories every day.”
“He takes me to various places and gives me a lot of gifts.”
“The other day, I went on a picnic with Oscar to the forest. He ate the sandwich I made very deliciously. ”
“The rare brooch given by Oscar is my recent treasure.”
“I have an incredibly satisfying and happy day every day.”

It’s a sad lie. No matter how much Ridelle dreamed of it, it was a longing marriage.
He doesn’t laugh in front of Ridelle.
He wasn’t happy with Ridelle going out, and he wasn’t happy with the handmade sandwiches.
You can’t get a brooch. Ridelle received from Oscar only the book that was sent with a reply when he once wrote a thank-you letter.

She’s just a tool that’s worth using, and she’s just a decorative wife. Even though her husband made her aware of it, Ridelle couldn’t hate him.
However, it seems that Mina couldn’t keep silent as she witnessed Ridelle, who was losing energy day by day.
It seems that Oscar’s attitude was unbearable for her, who served her side from an early age and sometimes watched over her like her sister.

She said it was the limit, and without even knowing Ridelle, she summoned a man from the royal capital.
Serving as an assistant to the crown prince’s eldest brother, he is Ridelle’s older brother, Ethan.
After hearing about the situation from Mina, he seems to have left all the work to his subordinates and flew from the royal capital to the territory of Aschen.
After criticizing Oscar’s treatment, he said he would take Ridelle home.
While calling her Lil, the old nickname.

“You can’t be happy here. Let’s tell your Majesty and go through the divorce process.”
“That’s no good, brother …”
“What do you hesitate? I asked Mina. Your marriage is still white. Then your divorce will protect your honor.”

White marriage.
It is a word used when talking about a couple who did not make a contract for the first night. In most cases, the husband is considered to be guilty and the wife is allowed to divorce without leaving any scars on her career.
Mina wondered if she had spoken that much, and Ridelle shook her cheeks with blood.

“I know you were longing for Count Aschen. I don’t know what you’re expecting, but I don’t have much of a marriage like this. I can’t be forgiven. ”

That’s exactly what Ethan says.
If you explain to your father what happened so far, he will surely be furious. A family-minded father is not kind enough to be silent knowing that his daughter is being neglected.
And he should never forgive the man who used his daughter.
Even without direct punishment, the fact that he “bought the wrath of the king” alone can easily cause Oscar to fall.

“It’s all bad, Count Aschen. You don’t have to feel guilty.”

Ethan comforts and reminds Ridelle, who refuses to nod, with a gentle voice.
To be sure, Ridelle, objectively, was not such a despised wife from Oscar. They haven’t even had a conversation. Ridelle herself should not be aware of it.
She’s been told several times by Mina.
Explain the situation to His Majesty and ask the church for a divorce. She didn’t do that because there was still hope in Ridelle if she could.
Now that expectations have been shattered, Ridelle may be best to follow what Mina and her cousin say.

“I will not divorce. I will tell my father …”
“Why …!”
“No matter what the purpose, I was a goddamn princess. I want to give back as much as I can.”

Ethan opens his eyes wide.

“Do you … want to be on that man’s side even if you’re so oppressed?”
“… That person is my longing.”
“So much … do you love him?”

It may be a little different from the “love” that Ethan imagines.
The longing that Ridelle had since she first met Oscar was more like awe and respect.
Even now that it has gradually turned into a romantic feeling, she feels that the essential part of Ridelle has not changed.

But no matter what the name of that emotion, Oscar is an important person for Ridelle.
With a former princess as his wife, Oscar can make a lot of money. That’s all she can do for someone she likes, who is called useless with luggage.
Even if the day when Oscar loves Ridelle never comes. Even if she’s just being used, it’s okay if her existence helps him happily.
Ridelle has decided to give up being kind to him.

Ethan squeezed his neat face for a moment.
And the moment Ridelle reached out and asked if he was okay.
His strong arms pulled Ridelle and pressed her against his chest, hugging her tightly.

” Lil, you didn’t know, but … I was thinking of getting His Majesty’s permission to get married on your 16th birthday. But His Majesty had already chosen Count Aschen. I would have married you.“

“But my brother … doesn’t love me …?”

Of course, there would have been love between her cousins and sisters, but she has never felt anything more than the feelings that her cousins have directed toward her. Even Ridelle, who is ignorant of love affairs, can understand that much. Then her cousin continued talking, hugging Ridelle.

“I–. No, you’re no better than my sister. I’m weak, and I don’t have a series of marriages like my sisters. I thought I was the only one who was angry with you.”

It must have been my cousin’s compassion.
With a strong emphatic spirit, he was mercifully trying to welcome his unaccompanied cousin as his wife.
With his well-known forgiveness, Ridelle must have been able to live calmly without any extra effort or worry. Even if they had no affection as a man and a woman, she would have lived a fulfilling life with Ethan.

“Thank you, brother. But I’m sorry. I’m here–”
“You are … you are brainwashed! Let’s go back to the royal capital with me right now. I can make you happy. Not only dresses and jewelry, but also fun conversations to spend time with. I can give you a calm life, whatever you want. Loving you. ”
“Duke Cressen. Is it an elopement consultation with a man’s wife at a man’s castle?”

A cool, ice-blade-cold voice echoed on the spot.
Even when she was hugged by Ethan and her vision was blocked, she knew immediately without having to confirm who the voice was.
For a moment, she fell into the illusion that her heart has stopped, and then it rang like a bell.
Ethan’s restraint gradually loosened, and even after his arms were completely separated, Ridelle couldn’t turn around for a while.
It was Ethan who spoke to Oscar first.

“If so, what’s the problem? You’re unfairly disrespecting and oppressing her. I heard that you and Ridelle are in a white marriage. On the contrary, you’ve already surrounded your two mistresses. You don’t need any more reason to take her. ”

Oscar’s eyebrows moved a little.

“I see, my wife seems to trust you so much. Even though she’s a cousin, she doesn’t talk about her family’s circumstances.”

When Ridell finally turned around, there was a mocking Oscar there.
He keeps an eye on Ridelle, who trembles with fear, and continues to talk with Ethan without losing his expression.

“Don’t you misunderstand what Duke Cressen did? I don’t know what my wife said, but I don’t have a mistress.”
“Lil doesn’t seem to think so, but at least in my eyes she doesn’t look like a happy new wife.”

Her cousin is not defeated either.
He was glaring at Oscar, gently pushing her behind to protect Ridelle. 
Both of them are polite, but they are not trying to hide their contempt or anger at the other.

“That surprises me. I don’t think Duke Cressen is that crazy and sticks his head into the affairs of a couple. This is only of concern to my wife and me. Also, I don’t remember inviting you to Aschen.“
“There is nothing for you here. If you don’t want to be marked, please leave.“ 

Ethan, who is usually mild-mannered, changed his complexion at Oscars provocative words.
Quickly feeling the air rolling backwards, Ridelle hurriedly clung to her cousin’s arm. She had a feeling that if she didn’t do that, it would definitely become a big deal.

“Oh brother! Please go home today.”
“Lil, but–”
“I’m okay. I’m okay, please …!”

Ethan thought that sticking to the desperate Ridelle might not be a good idea.
The rough expression on his face until then seemed like a lie as he gently caressed Ridelle’s head.

“If you say so, I’ll obey you for today …. but if you change your mind, you can write anytime. Let me know right away.”

Continuing to ignore Oscar’s existence until the end, Ethan dropped a farewell kiss on Ridelle’s forehead and left.

It seems as if he will respect Ridelle’s wish for the time being. For a moment she was relieved that he was leaving. Ridelle noticed the pain in her wrist and turned to see Oscar’s anger.

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