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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C05

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The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART 0 – Chapter 05

Oscar looked down on Ridelle with a superficial smile, but with a sweltering anger in his winter-colored eyes.

“It seems that I’ve poured water into your fun secret meeting. My wife must be disappointed.”
“You’re misunderstanding, my husband …! I’m nothing–”
“Don’t lie!”

Raging his voice, he pushed Ridelle hard against the wall.
A dull sound echoed, and her back hurt so much that she just could hold her breath for a moment.
It didn’t seem like a big deal for her husband when Ridelle distorted her face in pain. He grabbed her shoulders so tightly that his fingers bit into it, giving her a merciless torture.
The delicate Ridelle had no power to escape from the arm of Oscar who has trained as a knight.

“Oh, it hurts … Please, please stop …!”

After tearing and complaining several times, she thought that the force applied to her shoulders had finally relaxed and this time her chin was lifted with a rough hand.
Her husband’s eyes were like a beast trying to hunt down a weakened prey.
No matter how disrespected she has been, Ridelle has never been scared of Oscar.
But now, Ridelle was certainly afraid of her husband in front of her.
Scared. She wanted to get away from here right now.
For Ridelle, who has lived a life wrapped in cotton, it was the first pain of violence given by others.

“What did you ask the Duke of Cressen for help for? Do you want him to help you to escape from your terrible husband?”
“No, no … I would never do that …!”

Even if she denied it, Oscar didn‘t listen to Ridelle’s words. He didn’t even listen.

“Unlike me, who is a young and countless man, the Duke of Cressen is the right arm of the Crown Prince, who has the blood of the royal family.“
“No, I really did nothing …! I never knew that my cousin was thinking about that!”

It’s the first time she had a conversation with her husband for such a long time.
She’d been dreaming of it for a long time. Making eye contact with Oscar and talking properly, not just saying hello.
But it’s ironic that it’s just like this.
Ridelle’s tearful ears hear the ridiculous Oscar’s laughter. He distorted his lips, brushed his bangs, and sent Ridelle a gaze of contempt.

“Don’t you hug each other happily for that? You called him “brother” and clung to him. Duke Cressen also called you “Lil” and he was very familiar.”
“Oh, that is …! My brother is my cousin, and I’ve always been like his real sister.”
“Who is your husband!!”

The heart freezes in a loud and sharp voice that makes the air quiver.
It was a terrible angry voice that made her feel like she was being beaten.
Fortunately, his hands didn’t fly, but the simmering anger of Oscar didn’t seem to subside with a little screaming.

“You’re my wife-the wife of Count Asshen! Just like when you were a sensible child, let other guys nickname you … the knight’s count. Do you have any pride or awareness as my wife!? ”

Ridelle gasped.
What Oscar was saying was a natural idea as a wife of an aristocrat who would affirm that no matter what she heard. To be a bride, Ridelle should have been prepared and prepared accordingly. She cannot treat others, especially the opposite sex, with the same light feelings as when you were unmarried.
She thought she knew it in her head, but Ridelle didn’t understand it at all until her husband pointed out.

“I’m sorry … I … don’t think so deeply …”
“Oh, that’s right. As a princess, I could have hoped for a good match. I was scorned by a lowly man who was a poorly hungry illegitimate child of a count family who had little history and wealth. I can’t have pride. ”

Oscar mercilessly hunted down Ridelle, who turns pale in her own blunder.
Ridelle shook her head many times.
That’s not possible. It doesn’t matter to Ridelle if he’s not a nobleman, a knight, or a wealthy man.
The story of a illegitimate child he mentioned may be a famous story in social circles, but she’d only heard it for the first time.
Ridelle longed for Oscar not because of his identity or fortune. He approached the sick Ridelle without hesitation and helped her without a troublesome face. But that’s it.
However, it seems that the jewel-like memories for Ridelle were equivalent to the stones that fell on the side of the road for Oscar.
The day she met him for the first time since her marriage was decided. This was the only word he returned to Ridelle, who once again thanked him for his help at that time.

――I don’t remember such old trifles.

“My husband … I’m happy to be married to my husband … I thought so, and I wanted to be your wife …”

With pale, shivering lips, Ridelle managed to spun out words.
Whatever he thinks, Ridelle wanted to marry him. She thought she had to tell him this.
But Ridelle’s courage was very easy to trample. From the person you wanted to believe it the most.

“You don’t have to lie. I know that the fact that you became my wife is just one stain on your illustrious life.”

No matter how many times she denied it, Oscar had no ears to hear.
At last, Ridelle can’t say anything and can only shed tears from her two eyes.
Her throat feels like she’d swallowed a stone, and her chest was heavy.

――Oh, I’m still a failure princess. With a stupid head, I can’t even argue properly.

It’s as if the voices of people ridiculing Ridelle are swirling in her head.
Oscar screams and laughs at Ridelle, who cries and shuts up.
Shortly after thinking about what that meant, Ridelle was instantly caught in his arm.
The legs float from the floor and the center of gravity of the body shakes greatly. At the end of the shackle to support her leaning body was a beautifully ironed shirt of Oscar.
Only then did she realize that she was being held up by him.

Ridelle’s was thrown onto something soft, faster than crying out what she intended to do.
The moment she frowned at the dull impact, she heard a loud noise. The first thing that jumped into her sight after opening her eyes was Oscar’s cold gaze on her. And the familiar canopy pattern that spreads behind him.
Realizing exactly where she was, Ridelle twisted her body and tried to get out of him.
But sooner, the wrist is sewn to the mattress.

“Whether you want it or not, now that you are my wife, you have to do your job.”

Whether the voice that rose in the back of her throat reached his ears.
His dimly lit eyes approached, and his well-organized face approached so close that their lips touched each other. At a distance that exchanges sighs, Oscar laughs and utters cruel words.

“I give you the most important role as a wife. Bring me a heir.”
“Na …”
“I’ve been refraining from doing this until now, but it’s a hassle to have another man in your mouth while I’m away.”

What is her husband saying?
His words don’t come into her numb head. She didn‘t understand the meaning.
He didn’t think of waiting for Ridell’s frightening response, much less listening to it.
Oscar completely erased his smile, slashing Ridelle’s heart with a frosty, cold look and blade-like words.

“I’m not going to raise a ‘cuckoo chick’. I’m neither Duke Cressen nor another man. You’ll give birth to Arring’s true blood-sucking child. That’s the most important duty you have to do.”

Ridelle’s scream was swallowed by his lips and they were not heard by anyone until morning.

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