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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C06

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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART 0 – Chapter 06

She spent the first night with him and wanted to be a proper wife.
But in this way-She never wanted it.

Two months have passed since that day.
Oscar visits Ridelle’s room at a time when he feels comfortable, and returns after doing something like a simple duty.
It was only the first day that they had the morning together. It wasn’t because he wanted to spend time with Ridelle, but because his anger didn’t subside until the sky began to turn white.
He didn’t tell Ridelle, who couldn’t move because of the pain and fatigue of her whole body, and shed tears.

Except for the first act, she didn’t feel rough or angry at Oscar’s hand. Rather, he even worried about Ridelle that it might hurt.
He may have reflected on the fact that he was not good at doing things like that for the first woman. Originally a noble knight.
But she didn‘t remember him saying anything else that would care for Ridelle.

Later, when she heard Oscar’s message from the maid’s mouth, Ridelle wondered if there was any more despair.
He even forbade Ridelle from leaving the room without his permission.

――I have no intention of raising “Cuckoo chicks”.

The words he said at that time echoed in her head. Was she not so trusted by him?

Mina cried because it was her fault.
She called Ethan because she thought it was good for Ridelle, but she apologized many times that she never thought this would happen.
Ridelle laughed and forgave her. It’s not her fault. She was angry with her husband.
And she was surprised. Even in this situation, she can still laugh.

The days go by, staying in the room.
The deputy chief’s sister often came to see Ridelle’s room, which was almost under house arrest. She has a beautiful face and a generous smile, and in a luxurious dress, she seems to be the hostess of the castle, much more than Ridelle.

“I’ll take care of the castle, so don’t worry. If your wife doesn’t leave the room, you won’t have any problems.”

It was implied that it was the same with or without Ridelle.
Mina invited her to go out, worried about Ridelle spending her breathlessly more quietly than before. Say the weather is nice and the flowers are beautiful. Oscar wouldn’t object to it as much as strolling around the castle grounds.
But Ridelle didn’t ask him for permission to go out.She didn’t have the strong spirit to go out without hesitation, even though she knew she was reluctant.

In the meantime, something strange happened.
Before this happened, she was never asked, but for some reason Oscar often asked her if I wanted something.
Perhaps he was afraid Ridelle would complain to her father.
But Ridelle doesn’t do that, and she knows she’ll never get what she wants. So every time she answered that there was nothing.
Each time Oscar was in a bad mood, he embraced Ridelle with a more impatient face than usual.

One night, Oscar handed her a beautiful dagger. When she asked what this was, she got the answer that it was a gift for her.
Ridelle was surprised at her first gift after marriage, which was neither a birthday nor an anniversary.
What kind of wind is it?
Oscar casually added to Ridelle, who stared at the dagger.

“The knight’s wife always has a dagger in case she is about to be defiled by a rogue. As long as you keep it with you, you will be my wife and uphold your husband’s honor. You will realize that you have it to protect it.” (The husbands honor)

She didn’t care what the reason was.
Whimsically, he was happy to give Ridelle a gift at his own will.

“Thank you, I will cherish it.”

The joy that permeates the cracked heart spreads. Ridelle smiled and thanked him.
From that day on, every day, she held her dagger in the sun and looked at it without getting tired of it. She always kept her dagger under her pillow at night, even before she went to bed.
As Oscar wanted, she will carry it with her, even when moving indoors.

Another day.
Ridelle noticed a happy voice coming from the outside and asked the cleaner’s maiden what it was.
The maiden told her that she would invite the children of the village to serve meals. Since Oscar became the lord, he always goes there on a fixed day once every six months. Because children are a treasure that will spin the future.

When she was fascinated and looked out the window, a strange woman was walking on the lawn in the garden, leading a large number of children.
A beautiful young girl with her shiny chestnut-colored hair tied together and dressed in a simple dress.
The moment she saw her sun-bright smile talking to the children, Ridelle realized.

She is the daughter Oscar takes care of, breaks her heart, and asks to live with her in the castle.
She would be the same year as Ridelle. Oscar seemed to sincerely welcome her visit, which was so beautiful that she wasn’t dressed poorly.
He greeted her with a soft smile she had never seen, and she gave him a gentle hug and a kiss on his cheek.
Unbearable, Ridelle immediately closed the curtain.
Although it was a time when it was easy to get pregnant that night, there was rarely a visit of Oscar. The next morning, the deputy chief’s sister came all the way and told her that her daughter had stayed in the castle room.

It wasn’t until March, after spending the night with Oscar for the first time, that she realized that the changes that were supposed to occur in her body were delayed every month.
Mina reports to the maid and a doctor is called immediately.
–As a result of the medical examination, pregnancy was discovered.

That evening, Oscar finally came to Ridelle’s forgiveness and said just one word:

“… I hope you will love yourself enough from now on.”

No excitement, no joy, no satisfaction.
A plain voice that is always the same when he talks to Ridelle.
Ridelle spills tears, wondering what she was expecting during this period. The faint hope that his attitude would change a little if she had a child was quickly shattered. 

While she was pregnant, Oscar visited Ridelle only once every three days, as he had a minimum duty as a husband.
He asks for Ridelle’s mood and physical condition in a clerical manner, and tells her she should talk with the female guards about what she wants.
And at the end of each conversation, as usual, it ends with a single word to take good care of her body. It has never evolved into a conversation beyond that.

She noticed that a nanny for the baby had been decided. She is a well-identified woman, and her birth month seems to be about a month before Ridelle.
His mother’s voice was heard by her growing child – so she was told- so she should read a book and talk to him.

While stroking her growing belly day by day, Ridelle picked up a beautifully bound book she had previously given to him.
She opened it for the first time, which was a waste of time and just looked at it, and read it aloud so that it could be heard by a growing child.
It was a gentle love story in which a brave prince went to help a beautiful princess who was kidnapped by a bad dragon.

Then, in the month of birth, Ridelle gave birth to a healthy girl.
Everyone was worried that they could not endure childbirth with her delicate body, but it was much easier than expected.
Only a boy can be a successor.
She was worried that Oscar might be discouraged, but she still couldn’t read anything from his expression.
But that’s probably because he turned his back on Ridelle instead of holding the baby, after telling her to take a rest.

Winter-colored eyes that look just like Oscar and jet-black hair.
Mina was pleased that the color was similar to her father, but her face was very similar to Ridelle.

The daughter was named Emilia by Ridelle.
Oscar asked if she had a desired name, so she said it and it was adopted as it was.
She wouldn’t have expected. That name is the name of the princess who appears in the book he gave to Ridelle before.
For Ridelle, her daughter is a beloved treasure born to her from her loved one. That’s why she really wanted to give her the name she got from the book of memories.

In response to the news of Emilia’s birth, not only parents, siblings and relatives, but also aristocrats all over the country celebrated the birth of the former princess. Gifts were delivered every day, and the number of visitors was endless.
The downstairs is always crowded with the voices of many people, and it seems that banquets are held frequently.
While listening to the situation, Ridelle quietly heals her shabby body. The daughter was immediately entrusted to the nanny’s hands and so she had to spend days when she couldn’t even hear her daughter crying.

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