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[Novel] I Became a Tyrant’s Maid – Chapter 01

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My eyes opened wide.
Looking outside, it was a dark dawn. I habitually looked for my cell phone, but strangely I didn’t find it.
“Oh, my god, where have you gone again?”
I frowned and opened my eyes with difficulty. Blinking my eyes, I see something like a bunch of strange pink threads… What is this?
I reached up my fingers along the unknown pink thread, and touched my head.
I swallowed my saliva, then jumped out of bed like I got a seizure and started looking for a mirror.
Hair that boasts a fairly soft color like a blooming cherry tree, and a white face that looked rosy.
“Aa, Aaaahhhh!”
It wasn’t my face.
Most of all, my hair color was pink… I felt dizzy. It didn’t make sense.
It doesn’t seem to be dyed hair because it’s soft to the touch.
I wanted to rip my hair off. Does this even make sense?
I almost crawled down from the bed and came close to the front of the mirror.
“Ha, ha ha.”
My face, which I had been familiar with for years, disappeared out of nowhere, and in front of the mirror there was a girl who looked like a 19-year-old woman.
When I looked at the mirror reflecting someone other than me, my head started pounding like yesterday.
And suddenly, a few fragmentary memories scattered in my head. It seemed as if the images were flashing in front of my eyes one by one.
This child’s name is ‘Rose’, and she is the daughter of an unremarkable local male artist. Her parents passed away early, and she began working as a maid in the Imperial Palace since a year ago.
And since yesterday, I became the prince’s chambermaid. The maid who cleans and tidies up his bedroom.
As soon as Rose’s memory came to my mind, I got goosebumps all over.
‘Baaaaaaaaaaaa!’ “Ugh!”
I tightly closed my ears to listen to the auditory hallucinations.
The familiar crosswalks on the way from work to home, sceneries, and even the novel I was reading until the last moment. My heart sank with a throb.
I pinched my cheek reflexively.
It hurt.
Which means that the situation I’m in right now is not a dream created by a bloody neurosis because of the internship, but a reality.
I didn’t believe it.
The sentences on the cell phone screen that I was reading until the last moment were flickering in front of me.
And I immediately remembered last night, the big hand I had wiped just before I fainted.
A cross-shaped wound on the palm of the hand.
It was scary to think that the sense of intimidation I felt at that time was not just something insignificant that would easily pass over like a dream.
The shocked eyes of the people who stood in a line as they watched me walk out of the room just before I passed out.
I fiddled with my thumb nails.
A laugh escapes me,
“There’s no way.”
There is no doubt that something crazy happened. I jumped out of my seat and began to search the room.
Evidence, evidence was needed. Evidence that I’m not crazy.
I looked around like a madman. Then, on a small desk, a leather-covered book caught my eye.
It was a diary. There’s someone who writes a diary even these days.
Even though I was just looking at a book lying on an empty desk, my spine felt cold.
It was funny, but it seemed that the situation I was in was only seen before in the novels I often read. A different world, a different person, and even a boring diary placed in an eye-catching location.
I reached out my trembling hand and picked up the diary. Suddenly, the diary flashed with a faint light.
“What sort of effect is this….”
As expected, on the first page of the diary, the daily routine that Rose normally followed was briefly written, and on the back page, the body, that is, the thoughts of Rose, was written.
[It’s scary. Emily, the former chambermaid, has died. is my turn, what should I do?]
I frowned. What nonsense is this?
I quickly flipped to the next page.
No matter how much I thought about it, it was strange. This diary. It seems like I was made to look at it, right?
[The Duke wants to kill Prince Callix Foseman.]
I stopped breathing the moment I saw the name at the top of the page.
Callix Foseman?
I could feel it right away. It wasn’t just a coincidence. A cross wound on the palm of his hand, and even his name.
“That’s ridiculous…”
It perfectly matched the characteristics of male protagonist of the R-19 romance fantasy tragedy⁽¹⁾ novel that I read in the early 2000s.
I wanted to scream right now asking what this nonsense was about. I could not accept the reality. My hands began to tremble.
[I was commanded to kill the crown prince. If I can’t kill him, I will be killed. I’m just a maid, how can I kill the Prince? They’re simply telling me to die.]
Kill the prince? A laugh came out of my mouth without my knowledge.
What kind of crazy scenario is this? Besides, what kind of content is she writing in her personal diary? Was she crazy to die?
If the diary falls into someone’s hands, it would be faster to be horribly murdered by the Crown Prince than to be killed by a duke or whoever.
I nervously threw the diary on top of the bed. And I put my hand on my forehead. So, to sum up the situation roughly, I became a chambermaid of a person called the Crown Prince.
And the prince… is a bloody waste of a main protagonist.
It is also something I read in the early 2000s.
It’s different from the main characters of today’s publication. I regret taking out that old book at the time I was choosing a book.
It was supposed to be a Rom Com⁽²⁾ novel so what is up with the tragedy⁽¹⁾?
If I was really, really possessed by the book, it was clear that I was possessed by extra 1, and not by any person who played a major role.
What was more serious was that I fell in here long before the full-fledged content of the novel began. There was really nothing to know.
This was because the content of the novel was only carried out within the emotional lines of the male and female main characters.
In addition, despite the differences, the regular maids and the chambermaids are not properly distinguished, and in the novel, the life of a worker is not described at all.
I frowned and recalled last night. Seeing that the male protagonist came back with blood on his hands, someone seemed to have died by his hands yesterday.
I looked at myself in the mirror again with mixed feelings. The pink hair was especially noticeable. I should not bother the crown prince, but this hair looked like it would be 100 percent annoying.
“I’m going crazy.”
I closed my eyes tightly and opened them. Even if I was hallucinating because it was a mental problem, I had to live first. I tied my hair neatly with a rubber band on the desk.
Then, I opened the diary I threw away and began to memorize the front page where my daily routine was written.
When I was in high school, I learnt two days worth of English words in 10 minutes, so memorizing this wasn’t hard as long as my mind was straight.
‘Let’s find a way to get out of the imperial palace safely and return home.’
It didn’t matter when it was. To survive next to the crazy prospective tyrant, you have to wait for the heroine to appear.
When the female protagonist appears, the degree of interest in the lower insignificant people will naturally decrease.
I feel a little sorry for the female protagonist, but the more time he’s with her, the more he’s not going to care about one of the maids running away.
At least, they wouldn’t come after me and kill me, right? In the end, there was one thing I had to do right now.
The Duke who appeared in the diary and the male protagonist who is going to become a tyrant. Whose side will I stand for?
Which side will prolong my life? The result was obvious.
According to the original, Prince Callix Foseman will soon kill all his brothers and rise to the throne.
Wouldn’t it be possible to live even a day more on the side of the winner? I wore the uniform placed on the table.
For me, only the world has changed. There won’t be much difference in my job from what I normally did.
As a proud 21st century person who excelled in hospitality, I will survive by doing what I’m best at.
I finally became an intern at a five-star hotel, and I can’t miss it just because of this damn thing.
I will go back alive safely. By all means.
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