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[Novel] I Became a Tyrant’s Maid – Chapter 02

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First of all, there was one thing I had to do.
‘Identify the characteristics of the male lead.’
I wrapped my head around and tried to recall it.
No matter how short a novel was, one could not remember all the contents of the novel unless it was carefully read at the level of a fingerprint examination.
However, I roughly know what kind of personality the male lead has.
Like any romance novel, he was crazy about the female lead, cold, and was the so-called cool person¹…
Oh… let’s stop here.
In my clumsy memory, the male lead didn’t like people very much.
He had many enemies, and most of all, there were not many people around him because he had to highlight that he was a “crazy tyrant” in the novel.
Oh, right.
There was one person close to him.
‘Ruel Chris, the head of the imperial knights.’
But the problem is that he, the head of the imperial knights and the male lead’s only close friend, cares about the female lead, who is suffering because she got caught by the male lead. After that, the content of the novel became more and more catastrophic and …….
I frowned at the terrible developments that came to mind.
Come to think of it, I wondered what kind of nonsense this was.
I cleaned up my clothes and left the room an hour earlier than the schedule in the diary.
My first job was to visit the male lead’s room yesterday and wipe his blood.
It was very worrisome to throw work at a girl who didn’t even look like an adult without a full-fledged takeover, but…
What do you expect from a world in a book?
I guess it’s just that.
In addition, the sound of each of my step echoed through the hallway. The gloomy atmosphere of dawn made me a little depressed.
I would be lying if I said that this situation was not scary. Even if I passed yesterday safely because I didn’t have any thoughts, how can I be as calm as I was then now that I know who the crown prince was?
I clenched my teeth and recalled the memory of the child named Rose.
The structure of the imperial palace and the simple relationship between the characters came to my mind.
It was a much worse feeling than I thought to recall other people’s memories.
I breathed a short sigh and headed straight to the kitchen.
According to my memory, the emperor in the original novel was a workaholic, like a tyrant created by Koreans.
It was obvious that Rose would wake up earlier than her daily routine.
‘He’s a high maintenance² person.’
I nervously remembered what the male lead liked.
I remember that in the original book he drank the tea that the female protagonist gave him with great satisfaction.
Of course he may not like it because I’m not the heroine, but shouldn’t I try it first?
Entering the kitchen, many busy people caught my eye.
I wasn’t in charge of his meal.
But the problem was that as soon as breakfast came into the bedroom, all the responsibilities were passed on to me.
So it was better for me to be sure from the beginning.
“Hello! Keep up the good work!”
I went into the kitchen with a big smile.
There was a brief moment of silence after my words, but I immediately approached the person who seemed to be the chef and began to be friendly.
Rose didn’t have a single connection here anyway.
‘Human relationships are built.’
Friendship is a must to survive here.
“What are you doing here? I’ve heard that a little girl became the chambermaid of Your Higness, the Crown Prince, but…”
A middle-aged man, who appears to be a chef, stared up and down at me and clicked his tongue.
“You even managed to not die.”
Boom. A face-sized knife was stuck in the cutting board.
I flinched a little, but I still looked at the man with a smile.
“Oh, of course. It’s my first time preparing a meal for the crown prince, so I came down in advance, so could you please tell me what the menu is today?”
I grinned and glanced around the kitchen. And I was greatly shocked. The kitchen was quite dirty. Only the food that was supposed to go to the male lead was neatly placed on the tray.
The eyebrows moved as if they were dancing a twist.
Oh, my God, I’ve never read anything like this in a novel. Furthermore, the chefs’ heads were stretched out in an untidy manner.
If any hair ends coming out of the food like this, I’ll die.
Although the chef made a mistake, I think he will hit me, and I will also end up dying along with the chef.
Because the male lead is a ruthless tyrant!
“Why are you curious about that?”
My lips trembled as if they were twitching. Now that I’ve got my life line hanging on a thread, of course I’m curious, this fellow!
“I am not good enough! It’s a dish that is served to the Crown Prince, so shouldn’t I at least know the name? Ha ha.”
“Aren’t you just a chambermaid?”
The man reacted as if it was very strange for a maid to come down to the kitchen and examine the food.
Well, it did seem weird.
It’s the Crown Prince’s palace but no one even checks the food to see if it’s poisoned, let alone taking care of the hygiene of the restaurant.
‘Isn’t it normal to have a poison tester or something like that?’
But sadly, I couldn’t find any tester, and there was no way I could check right now whether the food was poisoned or not.
But I didn’t want to be a poison tester even more.
I’ll wind up getting hurt.
If you rely on the original story, the male lead naturally suffers from a lot of poison attempts because he is a tyrant. Fortunately, the male lead’s life is never in danger…
That was the problem.
Although you try to poison him, he doesn’t die, so only the employees are dying.
I checked my watch with a big smile as if I didn’t know anything.
At least 20 minutes ago, I had to wait at the door of the male lead’s bedroom.
“Oh, can’t you please let me know?” I asked, trembling, and then the man who looked like a chef smiled and crossed his arms and said,
“Buttered croissants and raspberry jam from the Merilton region, cheese omelette, rucola and pink pepper sauce salad, and juice made from Granny Smith apples. Hmm, but can you memorize it?”
It was a blatant insult. It was quite upsetting, but I laughed and put my hand on the tray carrying the food. “I’ll bring the food myself today.”
What do you mean, an omelet with cheese in the morning?
I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t know exactly about the male lead’s taste yet, so I had to face it.
I shamelessly checked the tableware. Fortunately, there were no scratches.
My lips felt dry.
First of all, the condition of the meal seemed okay on the outside. The plating was a lot more classic than what I normally saw, but…
To put it simply, it was tacky.
But this is not the real world. I could not fully understand the likes of people here.
T/N: It’s a sound effect or sfx
The tray rolled around with a sound. I quickly arrived in front of the male lead’s room.
If I hadn’t hurried, the food might have cooled down already.
I looked at the tableware first. The dish that the chef gave me was a thin porcelain bowl that did not preserve heat well, so if it was a little late, the food would quickly cool down.
Of course, this is something the chef has to do but…
When I recalled the kitchen, which was five minutes before opening the door, I suddenly got angry, but first of all, it was not important now, so I endured it with superhuman strength.
The moment I opened this ornate door in front of me, the battlefield would unfold.
No matter what happens, you shouldn’t bother him.
It’s too early for me to die.
I put my ears close to the door.
I felt a sign of rustling inside the door, so I roughly cleared my voice and knocked on the door with trembling hands.
“Your Highness, are you awake?”
There was a brief silence.
What is it?
Isn’t this how you normally ask? Was there something wrong?
Just before my head was shattered with complexity and anxiety, a very pleasant low-pitched voice of the male lead came through the door.
“Come in”
I carefully pulled the doorknob.
As the door slowly opened, I saw the male lead sitting on the sofa with a drowsy face.
The sunlight shone down on him, shining on his ebony-like hair.
I almost got carried away by that look.
“…Yes, Your Majesty.”
As I pulled the tray and went inside, the male lead jumped out of his seat and suddenly smiled at me.
Then he pointed to the clock.
“If you were even a minute late, I would have beheaded³ you. What a shame.”
His red eyes flashed with interest.

Translators note:
(1) The word used here is 쿨 워터 향. Which is either used to say that the person has a cool personality or that they are wearing a perfume with a typical summer scent.
(2) The phrase used is 손이 많이 가다. It means that doing something requires a lot of care, work or effort. Over here, she’s talking about how she has to get up early and work hard to keep him happy so that she doesn’t get killed.
(3) It says 목을 치려했는데. It apparently means to hit someone in the neck. I thought it sounded weird to tell someone that they’d hit you in the neck. Plus, he’s a crazy guy so I think this isn’t too far fetched.
Also, if you’ve noticed the words ‘male lead’ is being repeated a lot because that’s what she keeps on calling him. Does it sound alright or should I discreetly change a few of them to he/him/his to make it sound more casual?
Hey guys!
This is just an MTL project.
If you wish for a person who knows fluent Korean to translate it, this is not the right place for you.

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