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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P0 – C07

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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART 0 – Chapter 07

It’s been a month since Emilia was born.
At the doctor’s discretion, Riddell had to stay in bed a little longer than usual.
She had a few days of fever and often had days when she couldn’t get up.
Oscar rarely appeared while Ridelle was lying down.
She wanted to see Emilia’s face at least, so she asked him through Mina. It was the first wish from Ridelle to her husband since they got married.
But what came back was a word that dismissed the modest hope.

“Master is worried about putting a strain on Madams body after giving birth.”

Were they really Oscar’s words? Mina could have lied for Ridelle. Maybe she was coldly turned away. A gentle lie so as not to hurt Ridelle.

Two weeks after just lying in bed, Ridelle felt so good for the first time in a while so that she was allowed to go see Emilia.

Surprisingly, Oscar seems to have prepared a lot of soft clothes for his little daughter, a fine sleeper and a lot of toys.
The nanny was laughing as the room was about to be filled with cute stuffed animals and dolls.
Even if the boy wasn’t born, Ridelle felt relieved that her husband doesn’t intend to treat her child bad.

However, the moment she tried to open the door of the sunny room prepared for her daughter, Ridelle’s body was slammed by the voice she heard.

“What a lovely baby … Her hair and eyes looks just like you.”

They had never met face to face.
But how did she find out? That voice belongs to that beautiful, sun-like woman who lives in the village.
The voice of Oscar can be heard in the ears of Ridelle standing up.

“Would you like to hug her?”

For the first time, Ridelle heard his soft voice.
Does he talk to his loved ones like this?

“Is it okay? But she looks like it. This kid is shy … It’s bad to make her cry.”
“Don’t hesitate. You are special.”

Oscar’s words were like a Gun and Ridelle’s head like a blunt instrument.
The cloth -perhaps the sound of the hanging cloth that Emilia was wearing- rubbed and after a short delay the woman’s sigh fell. She couldn‘t hear Emilia’s cry.

“Cute …. It’s the first time I’ve felt so dear. She’s like you.”
“It’s exactly what I expected. It seems that Emilia is happy to be held by you. You see, she’s laughing. Will you continue to come see this child, Charlotte?”
“Yes, of course …. Oscar.”

It was a friendly call of that women and Ridelle could easily imagine even a melting sweet smile.
After that, Ridelle doesn’t remember how she returned to her room. 
When she noticed, Mina with a worried face stood in front of her, and gently shook Ridelle’s shoulder, which was resting on the back of the chaise longue, calling her name.

No matter how many days have passed since then, it stuck to her head and never leaved.
The soft voice of Oscar calling Charlotte.
The name of a woman who is loved by Oscar so much that her deputy sister is unrivaled.
She felt that the cracks in her heart made a small noise.

Quietly, quietly.
Like a flower that is not given water, Ridelle was barely alive – dying quietly.
One rare day Oscar came to Ridelle, who had a fever and couldn’t get through her throat, she didn’t even feel like reading the book that she liked so much.
He distorted his face as soon as he saw Ridelle, who was thinner than before. With an unpleasant eyebrow, he uttered a word recommending Ridelle to recuperate.

“On the outskirts of the territory, there is a villa that my mother liked. Compared to here, the climate is milder, the air is better, the inhabitants are brighter and more temperamental. Why don’t you rest there for a while? You don’t have to worry about Emilia.”

Even if she fails, she’s not so stupid that she doesn’t understand the true meaning of his words.
She was limited by her husband.
Even if you don’t have yourself, it’s enough to have a deputy chief’s sister for the castle.
Emilia’s care will be left to the nanny and that beautiful woman.
Oscar does not need Ridelle. Until now and in the future.
The day when Ridelle leaves the castle and returns here will surely never come.
But she didn’t want to bother him with a clinging, ugly imitation.

“Thank you for your concern. I will be happy with your words.”

When Ridelle‘s body broke, Oscar gained the cause of medical treatment. You can drive an unwanted wife to another place without being criticized by anyone.
Did she helped him a little?
With dry, dry lips, Ridelle shaped her smile. It was a good smile for her.

On the morning of Departure, Oscar took the trouble to see Ridelle off to the carriage.

“The villa is managed by a nice old couple. Take a rest without bothering.”

The words he gave just before she got into the carriage were probably his last compassion for the woman who was his wife in the name alone.

“I love you.”

Ridelle put her lips on her daughter’s white cheeks and whispered a little.
The fact that Emilia is a treasure for Ridelle remains the same for the rest of her life, even if she is separated and her mother’s presence and does not remain in the memory of the newborn baby.


Saying goodbye to neither “I’m going” nor “Let’s meet again”, Ridelle continued to stare at Emilia, the baby, and her husband, who was holding her, from the train window.
In order to imprint on the eyes of loved ones who will never meet again even if they look like beans.

But soon after, Ridelle’s eyes would be closed forever-who would have something like this expected?

After leaving the castle and approaching the forest a short distance away, the party was about to leave for the villa again after a short break.
However, some time after the Ridelles got in, the outside suddenly went crazy. She heared a moan that may belong to one of the escorts. When Ridelle noticed it, she looked at Mina, who accompanied her.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Is it okay?”

Along with the voice of the coachman, the sound of heavy metal falling to the ground was heard.
Without looking outside, she knew that the escorts in armor had fallen.

“What happened to everyone! What the hell is that–”

As if to drown out the confused coachman’s voice, she heard the violent voices of many men and the sharp roar of horses.

“What are you guys! What …

Ridelle and Mina shook and quivered at the screams of the coachman, which they would not have heard if they had lived a normal life.
There was a rattling noise of metal rubbing against each other.
However, it is different from the sound of the escorts’ armor. Something else.
The roots of the teeth do not fit and make a rattling noise. At the moment when the arms hugging each other were more powerful than ever, a sudden and violent sound was heard.
The carriage door was opened from the outside.

Strange men stood outside.
They clearly looked like an outlaw, and was bathed in blood on their filthy clothes.
Both Ridelle and Mina would have noticed that they couldn’t hear the horse’s snort or the coachman’s voice.

“Oh, Madam, behind me.”

Mina tried to fulfill her duty to protect her Lady, even though she had a complexion that was about to collapse.
However, the men grabbed her hand and forcibly dragged her out. Mina’s scream echoes in the woods.


In a situation where her dear friend might be killed, Ridelle momentarily forgot her fear and tried to jump out of the carriage.
However, it was blocked by a man who came in to block the door.
A big man with a stubble and a bad eye. From the age and atmosphere of appearance, it was predicted that it might be the head of this outlaw group.

“Are you a princess? It’s a little too thin, but it’s more beautiful than the rumor.“

Seeing the man’s sneaky smile, Ridelle realized what he was going to do.
Reaching for the ribbon on her waist so that the man approaching her didn‘t notice. Her fingertips were hard and she felt cold.
In the moment when the man’s hand reached her chest, Ridelle quickly pulled out her hidden dagger and swung it down toward her opponent.
She didn’t aim for anything in particular. However, she was crazy about it.
However, the blade, which she struck with all her might to help Mina, was lucky enough to cut off the man’s ear.

An ugly scream goes up.
While holding his ear, she put a blade on the man’s neck, and Ridelle raised her voice. She was wondering where such power was sleeping.

“Don’t come! If you come, think that this man has no life!”

The men’s reactions slows down perhaps upset by the appearance of their blood-squirting companions. Not overlooking the gap, Ridelle appeals to Mina, who was sitting by the side of the tree to escape with just her eyes.
Immediately behind her were several horses that the men would have been riding.
Mina is good at horseback riding.
It may not help if they would run away, but Mina alone is more likely to run away. Where they remain here, they just die together.
However, Minas eyes were tearing up and she shook her head to reject.

“I can’t leave you, my Lady…!”

This was the only time she did not obey Ridelle’s orders as a loyal maid.
That’s why she wanted Mina to live.

“Call for help! Go!!”

Ridelle took a deep breath and raised her voice.
The air-shaking shout of her master, who was always quiet and never shook her voice.
Mina raised her face as if she had been flipped, and jumped on the horse behind her to shake off her regrets.

It was almost at the same time that the man recovered from the pain and shock of losing his ear.
The man easily unravels Ridelle’s restraint, which had been off guard from the relief that allowed Mina to escape from this place.
Ridelle, who was thrown behind and fell to the ground, thought it was a miracle that the dagger was still stuck in her hand.

She told Mina to call for help, but by the time they came back, Ridelle knew that everything would be too late.
Even if not killed, these outlaws would give Ridelle the greatest humiliation for women.
And Oscar, whose wife was hurt, is pointed at by the public, even if he hasn’t done anything wrong.
A man whose wife was polluted by bandits.
Ridelle was more intolerant of annoying Oscar than being told badly.

Oh, I see.
Checking the feel of the dagger with his fingertips, Ridelle recalls what he had said before.

-The knight’s wife always has a dagger in case she is about to be defiled by a rogue. As long as you keep it with you, you will realize that you must protect your husband’s honor as his wife.

He gave her a dagger for such a time.
Right now, Ridelle is about to be defiled by rogues, and if Ridelle is defiled, Oscar’s honor will be hurt.
Ridelle grinned.
She could hardly even hear the voices of the men, who screamed at what they were laughing at.

She was overjoyed by the fact that there was something she could do to protect his honor.
Pressing the dagger against her neck and putting a lot of effort into it.
Without hesitation, she pulled the blade in a breath.

Red, red blood pours down.
A warm feeling spreads over the skin, and the field of vision gradually blurs.
Even though she scratched her neck, she didn’t feel any pain. she just had a little pain in her chest.

–Sorry……. And thank you.

The first word is to Emilia.
The next word is to Oscar.
The words to the two most beloved people in the world did not make a sound, but disappeared in the wind.

Tears flow from the closed lapis lazuli eyes.
They were was like the last piece of life in Ridelle.
In the sinking consciousness, Ridelle certainly felt the feeling of warm tears.

She couldn‘t see anything anymore.
She couldn‘t hear anything.
As everything is swallowed by the darkness, the sight in Ridelle’s head emerges.

–Are you okay, Her Royal Highness… Let me carry you to the palace.

Black knight clothes and silver aiguillette.
An anxious gaze of Oscar, who tends to refrain from holding his right hand wrapped in white gloves. 
A clear, cold blue. Ridelle’s favorite winter-colored eyes.

That is the last memory of Ridelle La Silphilia de Arring.
It was the end of a too short life for a bride who was despised by people as “the failure princess” and was not loved by her husband.

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