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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – V1 – C01

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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART I NEW LIFE – Chapter 01

On a mild spring afternoon in 1430 on the Spius calendar, Juliet de Glenwolshire saw the light of day as the long-awaited first child of Viscount Vorlingen and his wife.

In the eyes of the Viscount and his wife, whose life together was not blessed with children for a long time, the born daughter was a real treasure.
A doctor was called as soon as she got a little fever and all the surrounding stones were removed if she felt in the garden. Frail like a butterfly and a flower.
They were overprotective but it was because Juliet got a high fever for a long time as she was three or four years old. She was on the brink to the netherworld.
However, Juliet is not like a sheltered rose that can only be found in greenhouses.
By the time she was ten, her parents’ overprotection had subsided, and while she was being trained to be a lady, she spent her childhood chasing after the sons of the local farmers.
Her father –a wealthy man who runs a wine factory with a vast vineyard and an abundant ranch- and her mother who ist he daughter of a great knight who once served as the knight of the royal palace.
Growing up in the idyllic countryside and surrounded by gentle parents and friendly servants, Juliet has grown into a straightforward, cheerful and laid-back daughter.
It seemed like for everone as she would live her happy life with little effort.

One day, shortly after her 16th birthday, Juliet and her father Viscount Forlingen visited her distant grandmother.
Her grandmother -who turned 56 this year- withdrew more and more from the world after the death of her husband last year.
Theres she bought a mansion in a quiet country town, hides her identity and enjoys a life like a hermit with just a few servants.
Her grandmother was a frugal person who couldn’t be born in the upper classes and when she was taking care of her own garden –because it was a waste to hire a gardener- she fell oft he ladder and broke her leg.
Fortunatly her grandmother was so energetic that she was amazed oft he exaggeration of her son who visited her. Juliet was relieved to see her beloved grandmother preaching to her father.

The problem was just on the way home.

When Juliet approached the place where the carriage where headed, suddenly Juliet was fascinated by the refreshing scent and opened the window unintentionally.
The moment she looked out oft he carriage she lost her words to the thing getting in her sight.
A towering gray structure made of stone.
Juliet found the castle familiar with its main tower and main building, as well as several individual structures and towers. It was protected by high walls.

When, where and why?
It should be the first time she visits this region today.
For some reason, she had an unpleasant heartbeat and cold sweat slipped off her forehead. The frozen daughter might have seemed to her father to look at the castle enthusiastically.

“Oh, that’s the castle where the lord Asshen lives. The name of the lord of the present generation is certain.”

Oscar de Arring.
The moment she heard the name released from her father’s mouth a huge amount of information rushed into Juliet’s head like an avalanche.

//Efirante royal family.
//Beautiful brothers and sisters.
//A small palace.
//A girl who looks down.
//Feeling of a smooth book
//Tournament dust. The sound of a ringing spear. A silver color that shines in the sunlight.
//A dignified ice knight.
//A wedding vow.
// A sword belt pushed into the closet.
//A cracked heart, an angry sword, a dagger, a bright red blood color that dyes the field of vision
//A poor bride who ended her life without being loved by her husband.

“Ah, ah …”

Holding his head with both hands, Juliet shook her head many times.
A bell-like warning sound echoes in her head.
Painful. Piercing. Saddening.
What on earth are these fragments of memory that revives vividly in the back of her eyes?
Tears naturally spill and run down to wet her cheeks. She could hardly hear even the impatient father’s call, but she could certainly hear someone’s reply behind Juliet’s ears.
It’s a small, almost disappearing thing for a young woman.

//Riddell the failure princess.
//Why are you still alive?

At the end of the memory of hearing the voice, Juliet’s consciousness usually disappeared.
And the next time she opened her eyes she saw the faces of her worried parents in front of her.

“Father … Mother …?”

Anxious parents’ eyes were wide open in the sunlight shining through the window.

“You has awakened!”
“Oh, good! Juliet, are you okay?”
“I … what happened?”

Juliet fluttered her eyes and woke up, holding her slightly aching head. The sound of a small creaking spring and the feel of a smooth mattress made her realize that she was lying on the bed.
The view that spreads out into her sight is definitely her own familiar room in her birthplace.
But for some reason, it felt like a strange place now.
Without noticing Juliet’s embarrassment her parents smiled with relief.

“You suddenly lost consciousness in the carriage. You’ve been sleeping for two full days.”
“Two days …!?”

She was surprised at her father’s words and didn’t know what it was until she noticed. No matter how sick Juliet has ever been, she never woke up later than half a day.
Her mother replied in a soft voice as she patted her stunned daughter’s shoulder.

“Yes, that’s right. I wondered if my heart would stop when your dad carried you unconscious.”
“The doctor said it might be anemia or some form of fatigue. It’s normal, but you have a little fever, and I’d like you to rest for a while. It’s bad that I let you get out while you were tired.”

Deep down in his heart, her father seemed depressed. An aged expression that made her think she was the cause of the faint.

“Don’t make such a sad face. I asked my grandmother to follow me. If I fell down, it was all because I neglected to manage my physical condition.”

“But Juliet …”
“You‘re exaggerating father. Didn‘t the doctor say that there was nothing wrong with me? I’m okay.”

To encourage her father, Juliet strives with a bright voice and expression, complaining that she has no problems.
Even so, her parents still looked uneasy, so she dared to stretch out with an exaggerated gesture and rub her stomach.

“Oh, I’m strong because I slept a lot and I’m hungry. I want to eat something delicious.”

At the daughter’s complaint the parents looked at each other and hurriedly left the room to tell the servants to serve her daughter a meal soon.
Juliet who was finally alone quietly escaped from the bed. Then she moved to the front of the full-length mirror and stared at her reflection.

Ordinary dark brown hair and round chocolate eyes.
And for a daughter of a Viscount, her skin was slightly tanned and had a healthy complexion.
Her fingertips touched the mirror as her gaze follows her own contours.
Hair, eyes, lips.

A cute face that is more charming than a beautiful woman.
An expressive face -as the neighbors call it- looked at her out of the mirror.
Naturally, Juliet herself is reflected there.
And yet she looked at herself as if she were looking at someone strange.
Juliet knew exactly why.

A large amount of information that rushed into her head before she collapsed.
That spectacle, which was so vivid for a daydream, is what Juliet saw with her eyes, heard with her ears, and felt with her skin.

In fact, Juliet became her former self.

Yes, she remembered.
Her previous life that wasn’t happy.
The fact that she died grieving and hurt for her loved one.
And that her soul was given a new body on a whim of the goddess.
She could clearly remember everything.

Feyna: This time it took me a little longer. I’m slowly getting a feeling for it, or what do you think? Does it sound smoother and more meaningful? I’m really looking forward to it when the translation reaches the level of the manga. ^///^ I will keep trying to post a daily update but can’t promise.

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