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[Novel] The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – P1 – C02

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The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess – PART I – Chapter 02

After finishing her seventeenth year of life Ridelle’s soul was wandering in the cold darkness.

It is said that the human soul reaches the world of the dead after the body dies, where it has an audience with King Lex of the Netherworld. The soul goes through a ritual called “Soul Judgment” to determine whether the person was a good or bad man during his lifetime. And the teaching of the Orthodox Church of Spius is to decide whether to send the soul to the underworld or the heavens.

But before Ridell -who became a soul- could see if this teaching was correct, something powerful and nonhuman took her out of this cycle.

This being shines brightly and vaguely in a world full of darkness. Like soft moonlight that lights up the night.
As soon as the light wrapped around Ridelle’s soul she was filled with euphoria.
It felt like when she was embraced by her mother when she was little. She felt relieved.
Ridelle didn’t hear any voice or saw it.

However in front of this overwhelming existence Ridelle naturally understood.

This invisible being was the goddess Spius who exists in the supreme heaven, who was worshiped as the god of creation in the world where Ridelle lived. It was praised as the mother of all things.
The memory after that was very vague and it seems to Ridelle as if it had happened in just a dream.

When her consciousness returned, Ridelle was in a strange mansion, looking down at a bed where a little girl was struggling to breathe.
A pretty girl, four or five years old. She had dark brown hair, pale skin and was dressed in a well-cut nightgown.
There was a man and woman around her, which seemed to be her parents as well as some servants.

Everyone was looking down and watching over the girl who was pale and sleeping. It could be seen at a glance that everyone present loved the little girl and wished her recovery.

The soul of this child is so pure that she can’t stand the air of this world which is full of thoughts and the weakened soul is about to leave her body. If you lose your soul as it is your body will die with it.

Then, at the moment when the small light of life was about to go out in front of her, Ridelle was reaching out for something that shouldn’t exist. She thought she shouldn’t let her go.
She didn’t think she could do something for herself, who is no longer in the world. Just reflexively, the body-the soul just moved.

The mysterious thing happened shortly thereafter.
Ridelle’s consciousness was suddenly drawn to something and forced out of the ambiguous world where only the concept of the soul existed.
Overwhelming power that can not even resist. It was an intense sensation, as if she was suddenly drawn into a mighty vortex.

The soul of Ridelle, who was torn off from the world, was instantly sucked into the body of a little girl.

-I’ll give it to you. Please take good care of yourself.

She felt like she heard such a young voice.
When he awoke, Ridelle had completely lost those memories.
Immediately after that, when she thought about it now, she saw her parents crying and rejoicing at the miraculous recovery of her daughter. Probably the first memory that Ridelle saw as “Juliet”.
Since then Juliet has lived a calm life without remembering any fragments of her previous life.
Yes, until she happened to see Asshen Castle two days ago.

Juliet tried to understand the current situation, relying on her own memory.
Then she came to this conclusion.

For some reason, she seems to have gained a new life under the guidance of the Great God.
She wasn’t sure if it was a compassionate or moody gesture from the goddess, but she sent Ridelle’s soul to this soulless shell – Juliet’s body.

Then all of Ridelle’s memories were erased and filled with memories from Juliet’s life, including those before the soul swap.

By calculation, Juliet was born 16 years ago. It was when Ridelle was only thirteen years old.

It may not seem strange since it was done by the Goddess, but the fact that Juliet and Ridelle lived in the same time, albeit with different souls, seemed strange.
Anyway, „To the Goddess in Heaven, isn’t your work a little messy?“

The work of the goddess seemed a little stormy to overwhelm her with praise and miracles.
Involuntarily Juliet grumbled at the goddess as she looked at herself in the mirror.
As incredible as it is, it is an undeniable act, even if it made Juliet pout.
If you were already erasing her memories of a previous life and giving her a new life, then the goddess could have done it right from start to finish. Thanks to that, Juliet had now remembered a sad and painful life. She was more than despised and an outsider.

There is no way that such a thing happens.

Juliet closed her eyes, gently pressing her sleepwear over her aching chest.
The soul in this body certainly belongs to Ridelle, but that doesn’t mean that she is Juliet.
Even though the memories up tot he age of four were complemented by the goddess, juliet has memories tat she had built up with her parents fort he next twelve years. It’s undeniable a testament as her life as Juliet De Glenwolshire. The face, personality and enviroment in which she grew up, everthing was so different from princess Ridelle.

That is, if Ridelle had completely disappeared, which she is not.

However, if “Ridelle” has completely disappeared, it is not.
Ridelle’s existence is no different from the past. She herself is a different person who has nothing to do with you, no matter how far in the past it is.

―― For Juliet, who had just regained her memory, this was not easy to say. At this moment, the regained memory was so vivid that it burned itself deep into her soul.

Ridelle and Juliet.
What would her parents think if they knew that she had two different memories now?
If they knew that the soul that existed in her daughter was originally a different person, and the soul of “Juliet” that they spent time with from moment she were born until she were four years old, has already passed away…

“… I can’t say that.”

Juliet murmured.
If she knew and believed in the truth, she thought her parents would continue to treat her as their daughter. Juliet had the pride of building such deep trust and ties with her parents in this life, but no one knows what’s inside.
Somewhere in your heart, her parents may feel that she is not their real daughter, even if they are not aware of it. In this moment the idea that this is a thief wo stole her daughter’s body may sneak at a corner in their head. And Juliet couldn’t deny it.
IT’s possible, that a slight distortion will significantly change the relationship oft he family.
And it wasn’t Juliet’s intention to see suspicion, sadness, and hatred in her
parents’ eyes.
“Yes, that’s right … It’s best to keep silent.”

It’s a memory that she shouldn’t have had to remember originally. In this moment Juliet decided, „I must take this secret to the grave.“

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