bookmark_border[Quotes] Lucifer Morningstar

There they are~ My favorite quotes of Lucifer 😀 Currently I’m really hooked with this series~

„Excuses. They’re Like A**Holes. Everyone’s Got One But Nobody Wants To Hear It.”

„You Send Yourselves. Driven By Your Own Guilt.”

„I Want You To Teach Me Your Secret. I Want You To Show Me How To Be A Tool.”

„Why Do Humans Think They Can Rectify One Evil With Another?”

„Desire Shouldn’t Be Contained, It’s Unnatural.”

„It Hurts, Not Being Accepted For Who You Are.”

„Tell Me, What Is It You Truly Desire?”

„That’s why I don’t lie. It’s hard to keep track of who knows what.”

„People don’t have power over us. We give it to them.”

„Trust me, Detective. I have been doing this a long time. I know evil.”

„Believe me, there is no winning when you play by a twisted tyrant’s rules.”

„You shouldn’t have to change for anyone. And neither should I.”

„Welcome to the club of parental deceit, child. It’s a lonely place, but, that’s the price of being clever.”

„I refuse to be a scapegoat for which something I bear no responsibility. It’s a theme in my life.”

„I don’t understand why humans waste so much time resisting their desires.”