Etwas über mein Leben…

(Something ’bout my Life)

[MyLife] Missing You

I feel overwhelmed by everything. Smile? Just forced… The last few days I’ve been sleeping very badly, I dream every night. I feel the loss, the certainty and most of all the pain. The pain of you not being here anymore. I can only pull myself together and with difficulty to master everyday life. Simple...

[my Life] my first time with Gackt

Do you still remember the first song you heard? That one moment that ultimately changed your life? Unsuspecting, I stood in my favorite bookstore. It was time for the weekly acquisition of books. There it was, just like that on a cute little pile. The album Crecent by Gackt.

[MyLife] Damals und Heute – Darkness behind the Moon

Ich habe in den letzten Tagen viele meiner alten Blogeinträge gelesen und habe echt schockiert festgestellt, wie negativ und pessimistisch ich zum Leben eingestellt war. Ich war wirklich verblüfft und...

[MyLife] Heute & Silently Scripts

Hallo zusammen, Silently Scripts [S2] war jetzt 'ne Zeit still, was daran lag, dass ich im Februar einen ich-geh-mit-meinem-Hund-Gassi-Unfall hatte.