[MyLife] Missing You

I feel overwhelmed by everything. Smile? Just forced… The last few days I’ve been sleeping very badly, I dream every night. I feel the loss, the certainty and most of all the pain. The pain of you not being here anymore. I can only pull myself together and with difficulty to master everyday life. Simple...

[Graphics] Gakutocana 2.0

After I decided to make a version 2.0 of the Gakutocana, here is the result. This is also available for you to download.

[Graphics] Gakutocana

Years ago I created Gakutocana and I wanna share it here too. I still love it and think Gackt should release one himself 😀 Currently I’m thinking about doing one again. Which Pictures of him so u prefer? Nevermind, here is the Gakutocana, have fun~ 😉

[my Life] my first time with Gackt

Do you still remember the first song you heard? That one moment that ultimately changed your life? Unsuspecting, I stood in my favorite bookstore. It was time for the weekly acquisition of books. There it was, just like that on a cute little pile. The album Crecent by Gackt.